Luvaholic Prayers

 Please pray for a friend of mine her sister in in an 8 hr surgery right now I am praying that the surgeons guide her hands and she has a successful operation with wonderful results thank you and God Bless

 I ask for prayers for a life I once had to be restored. I thank god and there is no one greater. He has a plan for me and I ask for further blessings

Please Lord fix my eyesight to crystal clear

and please let me see everything right and not the illusions at there

whatever it is just fix it

it might Just be my mind making me see things that are not really there

whatever it is... please fix it now

let me see things clearly and right.

In Jesus name i pray amen

 Please stand in agreement with me for a unspoken prayer request The LORD knows what I am praying about . I am so depressed & see no way out of this mess.. I just want to move away & be happy . I want to find a good job, and a good husband..I am so tired of being broke, alone, and burning up in the heat in AZ...

Still believing for a miracle 3 moths ago my husband left to go use drugs and I want God to restore my marriage and to bring him back stronger than ever and I am believing for mind sets to be broken and I am believing for generational curses to be broken

 Jobless again ;(
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