Reddit Does Something Amazing For Random Kid

This video was posted on Reddit the day before yesterday. The headline read "This kid makes videos everyday and have 22 subs". Basically trying to give some shine to the little boy for the hard work he been doing, even tho, little people are watching. Sometime the internet can be such an amazing place. I saved the post to check on it later. After I got up.

 I watched it and the video is amazing. I was watching this like it was the last minutes of Jurassic Park. It should have been the end. Or the start. This is one talented kid. So I subbed and countless other people  did as well. He was at 1K when I did. 

He now sits at 81K. This is amazing. This has to be the best video I have ever seen. I love to hear the happy that is in his voice. I been cheesing for about five minutes and the video been over. I love when the internet comes together and do something amazing.

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