Luvaholic Prayers

New Beginings
 We command declare Karen Kelly David all know what to pray for me for a husband and break Satans hold on my life easily they have insight Jesus you are there dayspring and they move mountains for me they have extreme favor for me to blessed in my lofe they have new mercy new favor for me now and they are greatly blessed for it now. David doesn't want to be my husband he just want God's will for me into existence 100 fold all the way from the spiritual into the physical through the blood of Jesus now every minute every moment every hour.

 Father in Heaven, Your Name be Honored, Your Kingdom Come, Your Will be Done, on earth as in heaven. Give us daily bread, forgive our debts, forgive our debtors, keep us from sin and evil, in Jesus name (Jesus the Lord on how to pray, Matt 6:9-14; Luke 11:1-5).  The Tag on this prayer includes all of the above, thus it is "other" and "otherly" because it was given by Jesus.

 Forthcoming my important theological lectures! Pray that the Lord greatly blessed my way and my way back from these lectures; my whole stay in the faculty, my fellowship with Christians, lectures and everything else! Pray God strongly supported me to take successful and dignified each exam, test and write work. Pray all that God spoke to me and gave me there, I can use it and practice fully in my life! Pray that everything God gave me there, I can keep it all in good heart and pure and perfect to utilize the rest of your life. Pray that the Lord abundantly bless me financially, because there is a great need and this! Thank you for your support and prayers. God bless you!

 Please pray for Anita....Father, I hope she will come to church today.....May Your will be done, in JESUS name
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