Luvaholic Prayers

Lord i pray for your guidance.

 At first I was even unsure weather I want to request prayers about it but then decided to hand it over to Luvaholic warriors this one more time.

 I am is time to remember all things come from God including the ability to solve this long problem.  My husband and I run an Amazon resale business out of our home and our biggest products are toys....we depend on the sales that come in this time of year to get through the slow times....and we have been struggling to get labels to print right.    Occasionally we seem to find temporary solutions.    I could really use a miracle here.   

 I pray for desire to be back in my life. 

 God Almighty, I come to you with all my heart to ask you to go through your salvation, mercy and faithfulness in the financial area in my life. Lord, even by itself can not see a way out, I believe in you and trust in your mercy! Please look at my heart that only you trust, and sent by force thy deliverance and blessing in every area of my life! Lord, look how me and reproached me a table in the presence of my enemies! Let rest for all thy goodness, mercy and blessings in every area of my life.

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