Luvaholic Prayers

 Dear Lord, They switched Kate's meds today. I pray this works for her and she gets relief from all the nausea and pain. Please let the job my hubby works at cover the operation under workman's comp so we can have some money coming in. I am so worried something will happen and he won't get it done.

 Father God, I pray that you will give me and Z a miracle and completely restore our broken relationship. In Jesus Christ let's pray that you answered lord I need you and thank you I trust you and love you in Jesus name I pray amen

 Praying that this is a very productive work week in every way. In Jesus' name.  Amen.

 I'm sleep deprived, having PMS, just went through a sudden breakup, getting over being really sick, and my work is getting much more intense as we're gearing up for Christmas. Please pray that God fills me peace, joy, and the strength I need to keep going. Please also pray that I can be a blessing to the people I work with. Thanks for your prayers!

 Our Father, I humbly pray that my communication with Hannah is restored in a positive manner very soon. Please I need this miracle. Amen

 My relationships and health have been falling apart lately. I've been trying to do everything possible to draw close to God and hold onto God's promises and character. But when looking at my life, it seems like He is the opposite of who He says He is and like He is not doing what He says He will do. I really want to trust Him, but I'm struggling right now. Please pray that God would show His true goodness, love, and hope in my life and relationships. Thanks so much for your prayers!
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