Luvaholic Prayers

Lord please continue to give miracle healing to my husband's lungs. Please don't let my stress have harmed his healing or his health in any way, Lord let him have improvements at his next dr's appt and breathing tests in Jan and Lord please don't let him lose any improvements he has had this far. Lord please forgive his sins and restore him. Let his lung diffusion capacity increase to above 35 so that he no longer meets criteria for lung transplant, let him never suffer relapse, regression, or side-effects from his treatments, and let him have a normal lifespan.

 I have a bad cold, please pray that my husband with his lung issues does not get it. Lord please protect and deliver me from any evil, harm, making mistakes, problems, difficulties, troubles, or complaints at work, I plead the Blood of Jesus over myself, workplace and work cases and release the peace of Jesus into these. I bind the enemy and any evil in Jesus Name amen thank You Lord

 Heavenly Father you are so good to all of us. Again I thank you we found a car for my husband, it was what we wanted at a reasonable price. Today I drove by the railroad crossing at Buechel and Crawford Ave to check up on the gates that are being installed. We want to thank you for these gates as this is a very dangerous crossing. Please watch over everyone working on them to get them installed. And for every car that will cross these tracks, that no one else will be hurt or killed at that crossing again. Thank you Father for the gates should have been installed years ago. God bless

Brothers and sisters in Christ , Prayer please for Healing and recovery for David Fries who had brain surgery and Tim Bixler who had cancer surgery. Our brothers in Christ  ask for mercy and healing from our precious Lord and give all Blessings and thanks for the progress they have made. Heavenly father please continue  to give comfort, direction and healing to thy sons, In Jesus precious name, Amen

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