Luvaholics Prayers

Father God, I come to you pleading at your feet, begging for you to grab Z from the Devils hand and bless him with a transformation Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually. I beg of you to give me a second chance at love with him now that we are older, Please give him the heart to fall back in love with me and heal the wounds that I caused long time ago. I'm begging you Lord, please don't let anything happen between him and this girl, take his eyes off her and direct his eyes back on me putting a hedge of thorns around us. In Jesus Christ let this prayer be answered. Lord

 Pray for Valya. It is in difficulty and fatigue. Pray for the best of God for her.

  I've received many blessings this week.  Thanks and praise to the Lord.  Pray He continues to pour out His blessings on me and my family.  In Jesus' name.  

God, Jesus, Yahewh, I pray I can wake up in the mornings early and be glad and rejoice, I pray in the noon I can be happy and glad and rejoice, I pray in the evening I can be happy and glad and rejoice, and I pray in my dreams, your dreams and whoever said dreams I'm in, I can be happy, and glad and rejoice always. God, Jesus, Yahewh, I pray I can awake early in the mornings and be in good moods, I pray I can walk upright through the day and night and be in good moods, and in my dreams be in good moods, I pray whoever runs the night, they will give me good things, for me to use always.

O God, thank you for the precious gift of life. Heavenly Father please forgive me for my sins. Heavenly Father too many of us live from day to day with heartache, betrayal, disappointment, suffering, stress and loss. Remind us that you are in control and that all we have to do is just let go. Help us to remember that we become spiritually stronger by the ups and downs we experience from day to day. Help us to find joy in living rather than simply existing. Equip us with the methods to cope with life’s trials and to succeed in all our endeavours.
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