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Today's Episode with the JJs: Convo with Janelle Two Nights Ago

Today's Episode with the JJs: Convo with Janelle
Janelle: Mom, can I tell my friends about why they shouldn't celebrate holidays anymore?!
Me: Juju...
Janelle: I really want them to know the truth. (As she tears up) I want everyone to be happy and know what they're doing. They should know while they are my age, so it won't be hard for them when they're an adult.
Me: Janelle, you have a beautiful heart! In a perfect world I would say yes, but we have to respect what their parents have taught them. They may not be too happy with that.
Janelle: Is it because the parents don't know either?!
Me: Could be. Just because we are adults, doesn't mean we know everything.
I'm still learning. You and Jacob have taught me a lot. We teach and learn from each other.

Janelle: Ok, I understand. I'm glad you're my mom. Thank you for teaching us what you learn.

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