Luvaholic Prayers

 I am overflowing with stress. I've over achieved in so many areas of my life and now that I've been trying to cut back and only do my share, Im being treated by all as if I'm not even doing that. Expectations for me are high because thats where I operate but now I;m being treated like a failure because I'm not pulling everyone else's weight. I'm just trying to finish what I;ve started. Lord please send me some strength to stop these tears and not let my family, job, reputation, social and financial life all fall apart.

 On hearing the sad news of a group of young people dying in an avalanche, I feel led to pray for someone I care about who is probably in the mountains too. May this person be kept safe and may he be so aware of being prayed for and protected under the Wings of God, that he will  not postpone writing to re-establish contact with me NOW, with no further delay! Thanks be to God  and thank you for your prayers.

Jesus Is My Saviour
 Dear Lord, Please make my child Father to become more determined. He keeps saying he need a job and I agree with him, he does need a job. The problem is, I can't understand how he wants a job but he's not even looking. I need him to get serious about getting his life together and helping me financially and physically just being there for our child. I'm not all about money, but how are things we need gonna get taken care of by sitting around. Please Lord

 Jesus! I thank You! I praise You! To God be Glory!!! I am grateful and thankful for this Supernatural Holy Spirit filled miracle!!!!!!! 01/13/2016 I received and believe this is the day for Your abundance and promise! In Jesus name! AMEN!!!!!!!!!

 Lord I need you regards a job. I just don't know anymore what to do. I do ask you to open up the right door at the right time. Lord help me to trust in you.
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