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My Dear Luvaholics,

How are you all doing today? I pray that all is well and all are in a positive space.

If you didn’t notice already, I haven’t been posting much. Life happened and I got lost in the mix of it all. I apologize for not putting my full luvaholic touch into the blog like before.

One thing that was a bit discouraging was the fact that I have so many projects in line for us all, but I don’t have the finances to back it up. I kept delaying and delaying. It hurt my soul and I felt like I let you all down.

I didn’t forget about any of you. I definitely appreciate my loyal Luvaholics!

I am here! I am back!

I have a proposal that I’d like to present:
Instead of waiting for extra money to come around, I have a donate button on the sidebar of our site now. Whomever chooses to donate money, will get a personalized 3 poem package from me. You can also choose which poems you would like.
I will of course share where the funds will be going. This way we will enforce Luvaholic power to the world as a whole and in a timely manner.

The email address linked to my paypal account is
Thank you for your time and with your help we will go so far! I love each and every one of you! Many Blessings and positive energy your way! MWUAH

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