Bar Mitzvah Party Money Turns Into Party For Kids With Cancer

  Nachaliel Jacobs had a dream. Although he is a rather typical 12 year old yeshiva boy in New York, he wanted his upcoming Bar Mitzvah party to be as atypical as can be.

He decided to forgo the usual Bar Mitzva celebrations, gift getting and inviting of classmates and instead create something amazing. He decided to create a movement.

Nachaliel's amazing hypersensitivity to others shocked his family and friends.

He singlehandedly decided launch the initial funding for, and fundraise for children, who are complete strangers.

His dream? To perform the ultimate expression of a Bar Mitzva - dancing and singing with children his own age, who have cancer, and to put a smile on their faces. For a few short hours, Nachaliel wants to show them a world of laughter, joy and giggling.

Something that many of them haven't seen for months or years.

His research discovered Zichron Menachem, an organization that raises money and provides treatment, hope and smiles for children with cancer.

Nachaliel's parents set out to make his wish a reality. They contacted Zichron Menachem and began to organize a Purim carnival party at Zichron Menachem's treatment center in Jerusalem, inviting over 300 cancer children and their families to participate in a Purim event that Zichron Menachem did not have the funding for.

Nachaliel cherished every dollar he worked for in his short 12 years of wealth accumulation. At a young age, he bought live chickens, built a chicken coop in his backyard, cleaned and sold the eggs, then sold the chickens. He saved every quarter or dollar from any loving grandparent or parent. He has now committed every penny of his savings to this event with a warm smile and generous heart. Raising the bar even higher, he started the fundraising campaign. $18,000 would be needed to pay for the food, jugglers, music, face painters, clowns, contests, prizes, trips, magicians, activity booths, games, shows and Shaloch Manos gift bags for the kids. Nachaliel committed to Zichron Menachem to raise the needed funds. So far, his perseverance has raised a significant portion, but his work isn't complete. Your help is needed. By donating today, you can be a partner in something unique. Something amazing.

Donate now by visiting and show Nachaliel that everybody can make a difference, no matter how young or old they are and that age doesn't really matter at all.

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