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School Raises Over $185,000 for Retiring Security Guard

Tekle was surprised and excited. “I was not expecting such a big farewell. It means stability for my family,” he said.

Hoan-Morton told Tekle that he has been an inspiration and part of the students’ life for years.

Current senior Manisha Ratakonda said that Tekle remembered her dad’s car and notified her when he was at school to pick her up. Amy Patrick, who graduated in 2000, said that Tekle kept students safe.

“When someone as pivotal in the community as Kief announces his retirement, it’s breathtaking, but not entirely surprising the entire community has rallied like this,” Amy said.

Kief Tekle arrived to the United States from Africa in 1984 and two years later he got the job at Hockaday. Soon after, he was promoted to work the carpool lines.

“This school is my life,” he said.

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