Corporate America,

Your chains still have a hold of me. Even when I think I'm free from you; my bills, my weight, and my 9 to 5 remind me that I'm not!

Oh how I wanted to be you growing up. That's who I was supposed to be all along, right?

I mean I had to earn that spot, of course.
Pay close attention to the instruction manual signed by you in fine print; doing business as, school, hospital, church, etc.

The ladder to success seemed too legit to quit. No one could convince me otherwise.

Granted, I've picked up your traits along the way. Found loop holes to achieve the same goal.

I cut time in half by getting one foot in the door. Just a few floors shy from the title.

Drumroll please!

Somewhere you missed a step, because I had a minute to reflect.

You idiots! How dare you mess this up?!

I WAS ALMOST THERE, hands and knees, ready to go to war for you!
I tripped and it was all your fault!

Those closer to you spoke to me with a stare. I shook their world as well as mine with that fall.

The only level they have above me is the couple of extra years they've played fool for you.

The narrow path closed as soon as you saw your labels being removed from our blind eye!

No, no, no! You can't hide now! We've invested our lives to represent you!

You wait until the wrath of our Creator steps in. Tick tock tick tock

Spiritual Babylon must fall for us to rise again!

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