Everyone Is a Suspect

Everyone is a suspect....including me to myself!

A true story:

During my commute to and from work, I meet A LOT of people: military, doctors, pilots, lawyers, federal gov't employees, journalists, bankers,  officers,  etc. 

One person in particular (a person who studies the economy in his spare time) chose to use our time sitting in traffic to express his findings about the economy and how we are all screwed.

From the minute he picked us up until about 10 minutes before dropping us off, he kept talking.
My question to him was, "Okay, so what's next?If the whole world is going to face this; where do we go?"
He got stuck with the answer.

Reminded me of myself!
My poems are how I express my deepest thoughts and messages to the world.
However, that "I'm dumbfounded"  moment the gentleman had is the exact moment I found out that I'm no different.

My heart is in the right place, but am I even prepared for what I tell others to stay away/wake up from?

Kind of like a counselor/psychologist....they cater to their patients, but when the sessions are over...who caters to them?

Wow.....good day to you all

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