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A household full of single mothers....
 Outsiders consider us the "common denominator".
 To top it off, we out number our sons....
 Making them the fraction that can never be simplified.
Our cries synchronize from different rooms.
 The only form of therapy we can afford.
 Tears are our secret weapon.
 In the dark, they mark our pillows silently.
 By light, there's no trace of them.
The plastered smile on our face may fool the world....except for the one we live in.
 Pain seeps through our flesh every time fault-finding tongues curse the future we have yet to reach.
The obstacles this life dumps over us are hard enough!
 We don't need your two cents, because it makes sense to you!
 Matter of fact, scratch that.
 Keep throwing your two cents our way.
 We will save them for rainy days.
 To regenerate our inner strength to make better days....out of what we have.
"It takes a village to raise a child"
 That's why we stick together in a household full of single mothers!!

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