Hawaii Trip (Part 1)

 Haven't been on vacation in YEARS!!

In March 2017, after a lot of research my best friend, her friend and I decided we would book a flight to Kauai, Hawaii. I had to make sure that I didn't check the refund box or else I would've found an excuse not to go (mommy guilt moment). The flight was set for September 3-9, 2017.

On September 2, 2017, I was standing at the greyhound station waiting for the bus. An hour and half later, the bus still didn't show up! My sister offered to take me to Washington D.C., where my best friend lives at. Upon reaching her apartment, her friend picked us up. We spent the night at her house, because she was the closest one to the airport.
September 3rd was FINALLY HERE!!!! We were off to a great start! We made it to the BWI airport 2 hours early. My first flight in 11 years. I was like a child on sugar! LOL

We landed at the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The airline terminal we went through was so beautiful. Full of ATL's children's artwork. (Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of them). 

Alright, it was time to catch the next flight....from ATL to LAX. WHOOT WHOOT!!
The scariest announcement filled our ears 30,000 feet above ground....EMERGENCY LANDING...due to a leakage in the oxygen tank! WHHHAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!
We safely landed in Oklahoma City. A 6 hour layover cost us to miss our flight from LAX to Hawaii...which also cost us to miss a whole day of fun in Hawaii. Bummer...

           A picture of the moon I had taken while waiting inside of the Will Rogers World Airport...

The oxygen tank was replaced and we were back on the airplane to LAX. Los Angeles is definitely the "City of Lights" ...as you can see.
After landing, the _____ airlines said their employees were leaving for the night. You mean to tell us that your airline inconvenienced 200+ passengers, but you were going to give us the peace sign???!! NO SIR!!! About 10 passengers (including the 3 of us), got to stay in a hotel for 3 hours on them before heading back to the airport.
A shower and a 2 hour cat nap later, we were at the airport again. Only this time, we managed to go with a whole different airline(SO GLAD WE DID).

We finally landed in KAUA`I, HAWAII!!!! It makes me smile just saying that.
At the baggage claim, my luggage came through. 15 minutes go by, my best friend's and her friend's luggage were missing. OMG!!
The luggage were in a whole different airport back in the States (or the mainland). No thanks to the _____ airlines from before!
 Shaking off the negative energy, we got the rental.

They greeted us with beautiful smiles and we got LEID....HAWAII LEI that is :)
We initially booked the parking lot view...lol
We got the OCEAN VIEW ROOM instead!!


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