Luxury Tiny House Leaves Little To Be Desired

My Luvaholics,


How are you all doing today?

Most individuals in their 20’s and 30’s, seek bigger and better things for themselves. A house, car, career, etc.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Matter of fact, I was in the same boat once…. Until JJs and I have moved from a 900 sqft apartment to a 1,500 sqft townhome. I never thought I would say it was too much space.


In the last year or so, I have been finding myself wanting less.

  1. Less Company
  2. Less stuff around the townhome
  3. Less food


I’ve been hooked on these tiny homes videos. I really want one.

Picture this with me:

An acre and a half lot with a luxury tiny home and a garden. Solar panels and fresh veggies…who wouldn’t want that??!!

I’m weighing the pros and cons:

Letting go of unnecessary items
Little to no privacy
Forces us to be more organized
Very small space
Cuts bills in half
Would be in the country
Off the grid
Adjusting to a whole different lifestyle
A whole new lifestyle
More quality time with JJs


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