Two Eggnog's For The Road (Slug Line Story)

Slug Line ( slug line breakdown post ) story from a few years ago:

Hello My Luvaholics,

Let’s start the day off with an embarrassing story, shall we?!


At an employee engagement party, being jolly with the co-workers. A holiday setting with egg nog and time on our hands.

Upon clocking out, I did my routine restroom stop where my stomach let me know I was okay for the loooonnnggggg commute home.

I get to the Pentagon and stand in line.

It was finally my turn to get into the car….then it hit me!! The egg nog that is….

Every car ride is different. In this particular car, the driver kept all of the windows up. Radio off.

 It was just us and the road. Silence never sounded so loud before!!

Bubble gut sounds rumbling, profusely sweating and squeezing of the cheeks (yes, butt cheeks) were all taken place in the back seat.

 I made promises to God in that car!!

I was a changed person, except for one problem….the unmentionables was still trying to make its way out!

I had to be my butt cheeks’ cheerleader at this point!

I kept telling her, “We made it this far. Only a few more exits. You can do it!”

AS SOON AS THE EXIT CAME UP, I let it out! Noooooo, not the poop…I asked the driver if he could drop me off at the nearest gas station. “Egg nog” is all I had to say. He got me, he over stood my struggles, he took me to a gas station.

I HATE PUBLIC RESTROOMS, but I was so thankful that day. I felt bad for letting it rip in their bathroom, so I bought m&m’s. lol

Luckily, the gas station was across the street from the commuter lot.

I got into my truck and BOOM it hit me again. WHAT THE HELL???!!!

I tried pep talking myself to wait until I got home… butt had other plans. I had to stop at another gas station….

I was finally relieved….

**That was the first time I ever tried egg nog ( I had the nerve to drink 2 cups)….too bad it’ll be the last time drinking it.

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