SPEAK UP: Upcoming Artists Supporting Each Other

Speak Up

Today, Let us talk about: Upcoming Artists Supporting Each other
  1. SELF
  1. One must be willing to support others the way he/she wants to be supported.
  2. Reach out to other upcoming artists about projects you’d like to collaborate on. (They may have equipment you could use for your project. Vice versa).
  3. Respect other’s craft.
  4. Be prompt with communicating/ meetings/etc.
  5. Hold yourself accountable in all that you do.
  6. Be confident, not cocky.
  7. Stay loyal to yourself/your word/your art.

    2. Upcoming Artists

A. Do not assume you know what other artists charge for their service. Just like you wouldn’t want customers/other artists to under value your services.
B. Respect other’s craft.
C. When collaborating on a project, be open-minded to their suggestions as well.
D. Don’t judge other artists based off of the ones you’ve worked with before.
E. Be loyal to the agreements you’ve made with other artists.
**Let us work together to bring our dreams to life.
**Email me: ghadir@wordsbyladyg.com with any questions/concerns.

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