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 The time a particular spider was going to be the death of me.

Good Afternoon My Luvaholics,

It was a typical weekday evening, where JJs, my sister and I got ready for the next day.

The outfits were picked out, lunches were packed, prayers were sent, goodnights were said.

No sooner than I turned the lights off and put my head down to rest, a scream came from the living room.

Of course, I jumped up and checked to see if everything was okay.

There it was…. One of a girl’s worst nightmare…a DAMN SPIDER!! A big one at that!!

Where in the world did this spider come from??!!

There was no time to think…this spider was interrupting our sleep. We had to take care of it right away.

What did we do??

We went to one of our neighbor’s apartments and asked for help. (No, we didn’t know them…but somebody had to take care of this spider business for us)

A teenage boy came to our rescue.

He brought up a broom with him. We led him to the spider. He started to smash the spider with the broom….with confidence.

The scenario then went a little like this:

The spider: kept bouncing and flipping every which way.

The teenage boy: (confused face) stopped smashing the spider and took a closer look at the spider.

Me: What? What’s wrong??!!

The teenage boy: Man, one of your kids tricked you. It’s a toy spider.

There were no words or eye contact between us after…he left and we shut the door. LOL

It’s safe to say that this story really happened, but the pic you see above didn’t take place on that evening. In fact, I don’t know what bit me my hand.

I went to the hospital…they kept guessing between a snake bite and a spider…

I don’t know which jungle they thought I lived in, but I’m glad I didn’t die from it. LOL

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