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I came across this video yesterday. I've had it on repeat since.




As your poet, you already makes my world go round.

This video spoke to my soul.

From a poet's perspective, to losing a loved one (my grandmother 8-28-01), to finding the "light" again, to being "different", etc.

There's nothing harder than to not being able to express what you feel inside.

There's an internal pain that can't be physically seen by others.

Only those that have been there...see it.


We all grow's inevitable.

Our memories, however, can hold us hostage.

The memories of good times with family/friends, memories of our "old" self..."young" self, memories of our innocent days, memories of life before life happened to us.

You see "YOU" in you....just trapped in the "YOU" now.

It can be a hard pill to swallow.

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