WORDS BY LADY G: Luvaholic Of The Month: @Her2BeautyBar1 (January)

Hello My Luvaholics,

I would love to start this month off with our Luvaholic of the Month, Ms. Perkins, owner of Her2BeautyBar. 

1. How has 'Her2BeautyBar' journey been for you so far? 

"The journey started out from me diagnosed with breast cancer May of 2018. It was eye opening, but it put a lot

of things in my life in perspective and instead of me retreating it empowered me to overcome it. 

I caught it early which allowed me option such as genetic testing, surgery
and radiation therapy, where at this point is how HER2 Beauty was born. I started researching products, whether it was food, and what I put on the skin. I found out that there 
was so many harsh chemicals in skincare such as parabens, sulfates, phtlates, and other things we can't pronounce. LOL.

 Then when I went through radiation therapy a total of 31 treatments, you have to protect the skin, or you can get sever burns, some even blisters. So they usually give you Aquaphor, I wanted something natural so I started  researching things like Shea butter, coconut oils and found that not only do you want to protect the skin you want to heal it in the process. 

That's how the body butter was introduced, and then I thought why not create a suite of products that are all natural and geared to the safety of what to put on the skin and to protect and heal it. I took that leap of faith, having my family try it, they loved, it definitely helped my skin bounce back after radiation therapy, so why not help others! I set up a booth at one of my local flea markets and it started to take off, started now have returning customers as well. I started growing traffic to my site and orders started coming in, started doing other vendors shows and then clients was starting to tell me that it was helping with eczema, some was using in their hair, as a wave cream, men using it as a skin and beard moisturizer, and then being featured as a product on Tabitha Brown Very Good Monday show, which I am so appreciate and grateful of, has also expanded my business.
I have also been providing value to clients internationally as far as Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, Colombia, and visitors globally."


2. Which product are you most proud of? Why?

"The Unscented Body Butter, because of the value that it provide to women in the Breast Cancer community undergoing radiation therapy, the struggles that they have with burning, blistering, peeling skin,
looking for alternatives because their current regimen just wasn't working and when I receive their feedback on how the product helps them so much. I make me feel good that I was able to provide value to them as an option to help them."

3. Are you a Vegan/Vegetarian? If so, how has it impacted your life?

"I am transitioning, it isn't a easy process but I will completely soon."

4. Is there anything in the works right now that we can look forward to?

"HER2 Beauty Bar will be a sponsor of an upcoming Independent film, details to come.
I am also 2020 We Dream In Color Humanitarian Celebration Honoree, 
the recognition is given to those who enhance the lives of others in their field of expertise and charitable commitment. This will be 07/25/2020."

5. Do you have any tips for individuals who want to go the more natural holistic route? 

"Do your research, move through the transition at a pace that comparable for YOU,
do it where you can stick to it, if you fall off get right back to it, and stay strong and focused, join FB groups and communities that can be resourceful, and a support
system for you. I also follow, people like Tony Robbins, who can help with daily mental, and emotional mindset, and also Abraham Hicks who also has a focus in manifestation and the abundance mindset."

6. What other platforms is 'Her2BeautyBar' available on for customers to easily access your products? 


Be on the look out for more of "Her2BeatyBar" towards the end of the month!

For Serious inquiries only email: ghadir@wordsbyladyg.com 

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