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Welcome To My World

Welcome to My World

Let’s get lost in lover’s lane, down an enticing dreamland we go!

The universe is our domain.

Night sky is so dark.

Stars so bright; playing the role of beautifully lit candles.

Enough light shining for you to visualize the silhouette of my frame.

Nice summer breeze: its whipping winds directing our bodies towards one another.

Whispering calmly: “Come closer”

No time to waste; each precious moment stored in our subconscious state of mind… we begin:

Skin to skin: our physical contact heats with love. Generating the right potent for our spirits to link!

Full pink lips: this gift doesn’t need eyes to see what its power can produce. Electrify each curve. Spark my inner walls. Juices flow welcoming you to the next level of our dreamland in lover’s lane!


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we are only limited to how far we are willing to go

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