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3rd Degree Burns

Am I not HUMAN enough for you?

How “real” does my situation have to be, for you to actually “feel” me?!

Often times I forget… Fake is the new real now.

Even ventriloquists smile while hiding behind their dummies.

Expecting them to speak the truth they know they could never reveal, if their lips should ever part!

Quiet please!

Maybe I’ve just fallen through the cracks, because I’m witnessing a world I don’t remember being born into.

Hybrid foods/polluted planet/ media parenting our children.

No wonder why our millennials have no words left to say.

Lower frequencies are controlling the way they flow in life.

Millennials, EYE see you though…

Engraving your non-verbal communication…

Communicating history with each painful experience, one tattoo at a time.

Taking tons of naked pictures. Baring your temple for your children’s children.

Hoping their third eye will grasp the knowledge you’ll leave behind.



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