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In Silence; She Sits

In Silence, She sits..

Gazing into a plain white wall.

Her nurturing nature believes the bare wall needs love too.

Thus, a sudden flood of images form.

They rise right before her, anticipating the strokes from between her fingers.

She walks up to the wall…

Outlining what she sees.

Her mural is complete..

She turns around to place the paint brushes where they belong.

There awaits a huge mirror.

She proudly looks into it, checking for any paint that may have stained onto her skin.

Her smile is quickly wiped away with the reflection from her work of art.

She screams with rage, “WHY”???

“All I wanted to do was give you my love”!!!

Head down with confusion; she notices words engraved into the floor:

“Hi, it is I, the plain white wall. I know, you do not understand.

You wanted to help bring me to life. My dear, you are not the only one.

Many come and go. Their hearts have emptied its burden onto me.

I have everything I need here: my own space in a big room, a mirror in front of me and tools for people like yourself to use freely.”

She gasps for air immediately after she reads the end of the message:

“My purpose has been served. Now, you may go.

The world will receive your love once again”.


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