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Mommy Is Learning

Before mommy received the gift of motherhood:

She pictured your life differently for you. Promise.

She planned it all. From the foods you’d eat to the schools you’d attend.

From the holistic care to the energies allowed around you.

Mommy failed.

Mommy didn’t follow the blueprint, because an architecture can’t be built off of a “technical drawing” alone.

Life doesn’t work that way.

You have to earn life to live it.

The epiphany to what was just said singed the hairs on the back of mommy’s neck.

Time and time again.

Specifically when events yanked mommy’s hands from your eyes and ears, one finger at a time.

Mommy is learning too.

Hands are meant to that when your third eye opens and your ears are forced to will feel mommy wherever you go.

Mommy loves you Janelle and Jacob.


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