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No Church In The Wild

No Church in the wild?

Of course not!

When has the “wild” ever been welcomed?!

Them doors don’t open up for us heathens.

We’ve baptized ourselves with the fire in our hearts.

Rose out of the hell we’ve been through.

Middle fingers up, screaming FUCK YOU!!

They beat the beast out of us, but cry mercy to their god.

We’ve turned into the monsters they’ve created.

No church in the wild.

If we are “evil” and they are “evil doers” does that mean our fate cancels itself out?

We switch places...hhmmm

Are we God now?

It’s only right to pay respect.

We’ve only resurrected after they put us to death.

We bleed deep, yet our roots stay soiled.

What shall we do with such POWER?!


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