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Pimped By The Government

Congratulations, Mommy! You did it! You brought social security 123-45-6789 into the world. Don’t worry… we’ll be sure to mail you the birth certificate for your records. We wouldn’t want you to lose our transaction receipt. Where you signed and we welcomed your baby to the debt slave system. We can’t tell you how much we value your service. You’ll find out very soon; when your child is at a dead end between jail and terrible credit. Either way, they’ll come running to us to save them. After all, we are their daddy! You know, we can’t keep giving you child support (gov’t assistance) by the way. We have to get it back one way or another.

All in the name of G.O.D. (Government Operating Demons)

**Fine Print**

After six weeks from giving birth, you (mommy) are subject to get back to work…

I know, I know… your mommy set you up too.

Make sure to tell her hi for us! We’ll be visiting her soon.


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