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Silence Took Me


They keep telling me…



Who the fuck are they?!

Can you even tell me who “they” are?!

Ohhh...You mean “they”!

The “they” that will kill individuals with a voice.

Ha! You see, I’m already dead!

Hollow like the 6 ft. hole before welcoming its coffin for good.

They won baby!

Except it was my silence that took me!

Maybe if I had the courage to speak up then, my babies and I would get what we deserve.

We’ve been robbed!! Chewed up and spat out!

Just another number added to their statistics!

“They” have been there my whole life!

It began with the immunization shots. They injected my blood stream with their man made diseases! Shut me up with a pacifier...made me a helpless sucker from the start!

Their schools took me in. Boxed me into their buildings. Filled every cell in my brain with their lifeless words and numbers. They slipped in reading and writing...only to read their lines and to continue to write their stories!!!

They played with my heart. Made me believe I was too weak to follow my dreams! Whispered their nightmares into the clouds. Precipitated the rain to wash me out!


They even fed me their foods. Stuffed me like a build a bear until I fell over.

It doesn’t stop there! No!

They engraved marriage into my head since the game house came about. Told me that that’s the only way God would be accepting of me.

I did it. I followed their propaganda.

I did everything they wanted me to do.

They didn’t tell me what comes after.

I later on found out that that was even a part of their plan.

My “death do us part” partner abandoned me.

I can’t even blame him though. He was born into the same world they control.

Prison walls swallowed him whole, but I became the man out of this shit!

Grabbed the balls he didn’t have and carried the weight of our babies on my shoulders.

Rise above the pedestal he never put us on.

I’ll pick up the scraps of dignity I have left. Unlearn their ways and create my own path.

Unleashing my voice will be the first step!

Welcome to the new born me!


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