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Today, you remind me of a man who’s inquisitive of his surroundings.

His stringent stance is of a soldier; not even stiff winds could shake him.

SHE, she is a goddess in his eyes.

Placed on a pedestal; he admires the idea of her.

He dares not touch.

The thought of her existence alone, would shatter once he gives into her.

Little does he know, it is high regards of her, that breaks her free from her own shell.

HE, he is informally mixed up within the lines of his own emotions, he doesn’t even realize, it’s his own emotions, he doesn’t even realize, it’s his light that seeps through her holes.

His charm, sense of humor and energy draws her to him.

She can’t help but stumble on the underlying words that departs from his lips; as he tries to express his innermost thoughts.

WE, we beget our relationship by means of words, until our eyes physically aligns into each other’s the stars in the the name of love.


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