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Vision of Self

Let me hold that frame up for you..

Instead of painting the picture, this is what I will do:

I will allow your story to come alive, without the help of photoshop or dashes of lies!

There’s no need to brainstorm the colors, because the concoction of your testimony will speak thoroughly through others.

Pretend the frame isn’t there for a minute; the square isn’t meant for you to be trapped within it…

Its very existence is to capture your moments.

Let it linger long enough to open someone’s eyes to your truth.

The same truth that you may need to look back at from time to time!

Now that you comprehend where this is going, take the good with the bad...Your inner box is slowly unfolding..

One thing I ask of you, please keep in mind...this photo of YOU is in remembrance of what you will leave behind!


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