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What She Did

Two hours away from you, me and what happened to you.

She only told me you were fell and your knee hurt.

The phone call ended.

I didn’t think anything of it…I knew you were a tough cookie.

Besides, you were being picked up.

Ding: A message from you.

I was expecting your ‘yes’ texts to my endless ‘no’ texts on who loves who more.

Instead, I received a video.

That video, that damn video!

Who knew a video footage of 12 seconds would make me meet my demons eye to eye!

They wanted the green light with every punch and kick to your head.

I tasted vengeance and they were ready for war!

I finally got to hold you, but it was too late.

Since birth, I promised I wouldn’t let anyone hurt either of you.

I’m a goddamn liar!!!

She hurt you; I wasn’t there to protect you.

“Mom, I couldn’t hear or see anything”, “It felt like I was trapped in a black box”.

I immediately hugged you, because I couldn’t look you in your eyes.

How can I assure you it wouldn’t happen again or it’ll be okay, when you just watched what happened to you over and over again?!

I’m drowning in your tears.

The only way of saving myself from this fall is to redeem you from this nightmare.

On October 10, 2019, you were assaulted by another student at your school.


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